Fruit for Sick People

I have been waiting for a springlike day to show you these lovely raspberries from a vendor on Rue Cler.

I am told it was about as springlike as we can expect today - with temps in the 20s - but I cannot say for sure as I came down with the flu everyone else has.

When I am sick, I want only fruit. This probably stems from childhood when I was given comforting things like apricot nectar and bananas when I was bedridden. Tea and toast were another sickbed standard.

"Eat light, you'll feel alright," my mother would chirp, bringing me a tray. There was usually some embellishment on the tray, like a canned pear with raisin eyes and a cherry mouth. I felt cared for and secure and on the mend.

I had major surgery once, and went without solids from Wednesday to Saturday. My first meal was a small box of Cheerios. They were like some sort of manna to my hungry palate. I have loved them ever since, though they were never childhood favorites.

Chicken noodle soup still works, though I buy the low-sodium stuff now and it's not the same.

My husband provides the same loving care my parents did, but now I worry that he will catch whatever I have.

This time around, I've been living on a totally decadent but simple treat: Ice cream in orange juice. I could blend it and make a smoothie, but I just dump the scoop of ice cream in the glass of orange juice so it's more like a float. I know it is not healthy, but it soothes my sore throat and banishes my fever.

What's your favorite sick time antidote?


Charm and Grace said…

I am generally a chicken noodle soup and bananas person when sick. Sometimes it's potato soup. Lovely berries!

Just to let you know, I have tagged you for a 7 random facts post, if you'd like to participate.


Charm & Grace
CJ said…
Canned peaches and chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers and jello were the food my mother fed me.

I still love the coolness of canned peaches when I have a terrible sore throat or fever.
Unknown said…
Thanks, Christi! I have not been online much lately, but I will come over to your site and check it out.

CJ, canned peaches! My mother used to serve me those with toast. I had forgotten! Bless you!
breadchick said…
Vernors and Cinnamon and Sugar Toast on Wonder Bread. That is what my mom always gave us and that is what I still crave today. I was home most of last week with that flu...

Sorry you have it.
Unknown said…
Oh, Mary, that strikes another chord with me! I like my cinnamon toast on that ultra-thin Pepperidge Farm bread I can no longer find here on the tundra!

This is a nasty flu, isn't it? I don't remember when I have felt this bone tired and chilled.
Depending on what ails me, chicken soup, tea with honey, or chocolate ice cream!
Unknown said…
All classics from a class act, Lydia. I want chocolate ice cream now. I think it will cure me.
Anonymous said…
My mother always fed us canned peaches when we were unwell. They are easy on the palate and the stomach, while providing moisture and sweetness. I still love canned peaches (with cream ;))

Tea and toast was a staple for the sick bed for us too. Very plain food.

Anonymous said…
My mother would do mashed potatoes and flat Seven-up. Dry toast if the tummy was really bad.
Katie Zeller said…
I'm a cream of chicken or poached egg person myself. I can't believe I managed (so far) to avoid the flu in the US! Maybe the gods were compensating me for the cold, snowy weather I had....

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