Kalyn's Pulled Chicken Salad with Green Olives and Celery

The start of a new year holds more charm for me than the winter holidays.

I like starting over.

This year, I am once again trying my luck with the South Beach Diet, which in 2007 kept me from rolling into Paris and instead strolling about that magic city feeling, if not slender, at least not fat. And that's essential in a city where all women are apparently slim and beautiful. The men aren't bad either.

You may already know that the first two weeks of South Beach are bread, pasta, potato and beet, pea, corn and carrot free. It's no easy feat avoiding at least a taste of those foods, but I can do anything for two weeks, right?

Right, but the absence of carbs and sugar (especially fruit) can get a bit boring.

So I turn to Kalyn's Kitchen for assistance. And Kalyn never fails me.

A few days ago she provided a roundup of Phase One recipes, using the photo for this particular salad. My mouth started watering immediately, but our house was full of holiday treats  and I am always meticulous about eating up what is on hand.

Besides, who wants to start a diet on Dec. 30 or 31? Only a seriously deranged person.

It should come as no surprise to Kalyn's fans that this salad was wonderful. I added lightly toasted almonds, but otherwise followed Kalyn's recipe to the letter. I used dehydrated green onions because I was unable to force myself to leave the house in frigid weather.

But oh, this was tasty! Preparing the salad got me through a rough spot and eating it was a treat.

I posted a new photo of myself above left - taken after a spa visit but before starting SBD - as a way of goading myself into weight loss. I was born with those cheeks, by the way.


Kalyn Denny said…
Oh you are too kind; I think I might be blushing!

I love the idea of adding almonds to this. Good luck on phase one. I'm there with you, doing a little "tune-up" like I do every year in January!
Unknown said…
I always like lots of crunch - guess I am an aggressive eater.

I made it through two days so far. Yes, time for a tune up!
Penny said…
We are starting a healthier eating regime also. Good luck with South Beach. Will you be traveling to France this year?
Unknown said…
Not this year, darn, although we hoped to in the fall. Some family illnesses will keep us close to home, Penny.
Farmgirl Susan said…
Isn't Kalyn's blog the best? If I ever leave the farm and go back to the city, I'm going to move next door to Kalyn. ;)

I saw this chicken salad the other day when she posted it and have been thinking about it ever since. Glad to see somebody actually made it! :)
Unknown said…
I think a dinner at Kalyn's would be so much fun!
une jolie salade comme j'aime
bon week-end
val de familyblog
Unknown said…
Merci, Valerie!

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