About Me

The daughter of a chef and the granddaughter of two women with French Canadian roots, I became fascinated with cooking at an early age. But it has taken me a lifetime to learn many lessons and form my own ideas.

I live in the Upper Midwest and recently "retired" to spend more time with my mother, who has Alzheimer's Disease. Experimenting in the kitchen is an outlet for me.

Simple, classic meals are my favorites, and I love to cook with what's on hand. Yes, it's limiting, but it's a challenge that often forces a cook to become creative. I like French country cooking, cheese, baguettes, fruit and salads best.

I love to travel, especially to France. I also enjoy reading, gardening and exploring farm markets, bird watching, photography and walking.

At this time, I do not write sponsored posts, and I cannot foresee a time when I will. I am not affiliated with any labels or brands. I will mention or review products from time to time on my own. My product review policy can be accessed here.

Email me: afrenchtownkitchen@gmail.com


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