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16 March 2014

Favorite Photos of Pears and Apples

My part of the world is still snow covered, but the snow is no longer white and pristine. Instead it is gray and dingy. Officially there's less than a week left of winter, but up here were know better than to expect instant spring. Or even gradual spring. In fact, there's a rain and snow mix on the way.

All I can think of is fruit. The scrag end of winter does this to me. Although I love citrus fruits, nothing satisfies my palate like an apple or pear, eaten with a hunk of cheese.

Pears and apples are so photogenic! Here are my favorite apple and pear photos from nearly eight years of blogging:

A trio of Bosc pears; used to make this recipe.

26 February 2014

Making Jésuites, a French Patisserie Classic

Jésuites from the market in Old Cahors, 2008

Each visit to France has had its own flavor as we explored both city and countryside, north and south, examining the differences.

I love the constant street noise in Paris, even after midnight, but I also love the deep quiet of the dark countryside at 2 a.m.

Both city and country have one thing in common: Incredible outdoor food markets, filled with produce, cheese, meat and baked goods. The baked goods found in Paris seem a bit more inventive and elegant while the pastries of the south are rooted in tradition.

01 August 2012

At the Market: Produce, Artfully Displayed

The  market in old Cahors is truly a community event where news, gossip and political opinions are exchanged. It's held in the cathedral square but spills over into side streets. Here the streets are narrow and meandering. The market teems with life.

Our own market is not that busy yet, and in its 6th year, not so well established. But the produce is also artfully displayed:

Fresh Onions
Red and Purple Potatoes, with Tomatoes
Peppers, Beets, Onions and Cabbage