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06 March 2014

Fast & Frugal: Double Almond-Apple Crisp

Double Almond-Apple Crisp
The other day I had a half can of almond paste leftover from making Jésuites. I also had several Granny Smith apples from this tasty recipe that I wanted to eat up.

What I came up with was a simple, Double Almond Apple Crisp, using this recipe as inspiration:

26 February 2014

Making Jésuites, a French Patisserie Classic

Jésuites from the market in Old Cahors, 2008

Each visit to France has had its own flavor as we explored both city and countryside, north and south, examining the differences.

I love the constant street noise in Paris, even after midnight, but I also love the deep quiet of the dark countryside at 2 a.m.

Both city and country have one thing in common: Incredible outdoor food markets, filled with produce, cheese, meat and baked goods. The baked goods found in Paris seem a bit more inventive and elegant while the pastries of the south are rooted in tradition.