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13 March 2014

Fast and Frugal: Roasted Cauliflower with Peppers and Parmesan

Recently my husband and I were forced to buy a new washer and dryer. We went all the way and purchased a set that really does make laundry chores easier, plus an ionic water-purifying system that makes detergent unnecessary.

While Mr. Frenchtown Kitchen was arranging for delivery, I was checking out new stoves and refrigerators on the showroom floor. I've got my eye on a couple models. Unfortunately, the ones I have are not yet a decade old, so we'll probably hang on to them for a while.

But the fridge is due for a major reorg. That will make it feel almost as good as new.

The need to use up a bag of cauliflower, some onions, and a red pepper, plus a nearly-empty carton of grated Parmesan cheese resulted in this side dish. But as soon as inspiration struck, I wondered: Can I make a bag of frozen cauliflower taste good?

26 August 2012

Leek-Olive Tart with Pave d'Affinois & Parmesan Cheese

It all started when I bought a small brick of creamy Pave d'Affinois cheese (see photo below) at the Italian market across the river. This creamy relative to Brie is heavenly, with a light grassiness and a hint of green apple.

I could have spread it on a slice of baguette, but I wanted something a bit more complex. But not complicated.

A Google search brought me to this recipe from Martha Stewart and I captivated by the rustic look of the tart. I had all the ingredients, save for the leeks, but I was pretty sure I could buy those from the Immerfrost Farm growers at the Saturday farm market.

I love these guys, and most of the other vendors. They know what I want. One of the vendors saves her odd-shaped vegetables for me. She knows I think vegetables are people. More on that one some other time.

I followed the recipe almost exactly, but followed the reviewers' suggestions and sliced my leeks differently. It was easier to eat this way. I'd suggest cutting back on the salt used on the leeks, too, as the Mediterranean olives I used provided plenty of salty flavor. As you all know, I am liberal with herbes de Provence, so I added a dash of that, too.

The thyme came from my own garden, but other than that, only the leeks were local. I would like to report that I made my own puff pastry, but I cannot tell a lie. It's on my to-do list for rewirement. Only 22 more work days!

Since I trimmed the cheese brick before melting the cheese on the tarte, I suspect it will turn up in a soup recipe sometime down the line. With Pave d'Affinois, the rind is edible.

Meanwhile, the tart was perfect for breakfast, too.

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