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11 March 2014

Chocolate-Cranberry-Chevre Truffles

Chocolate-Cranberry-Chevre Truffles

Yes, I did say I would give up desserts for Lent. Uh-huh. That's what I said.

Then I remembered I was going to make chocolate-goat cheese truffles for Valentine's Day. But I made something else instead. Cheese was involved in both endeavors. So it doesn't count as dessert.

Unless of course you prefer a cheese flight.

I can't let anything go to waste. You know that.

12 February 2014

Easy Chocolate Truffles

From 2006: These chocolate truffles are easy to make and the perfect DIY Valentine's Day gift for someone special.

Let me confess one thing up front: I have never made truffles and photographed them before.

I have never even made truffles that anyone — other than my husband — has seen.

In a sense, I was a truffle virgin. Because certainly, you cannot call those other — things — truffles. Not the chocolate kind. They looked more like the truffles Peter Mayle writes about with such elegance.

They were misshapen, they were crooked. They bulged where they should have been smooth. They were unevenly coated. They tasted wonderful, but they were not photogenic.

Maybe we were in too big a hurry to eat them. They tasted rich and deep and boozy.

With these I took my time. Mostly they came out smooth and round. Really, if you are patient and careful and make sure the chocolate base is cool when you roll them, these truffles will turn out very well.

Easy Chocolate Truffles
  • 8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate pieces
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons — or more — cognac or brandy
  • granulated sugar

Empty the chocolate pieces in a large bowl. Bring the cream to a boil in a small sauce pan. Pour it over the chocolate and blend until the chocolate is smooth and without lumps. Chill for at least three hours.

Once the chocolate base is thoroughly chilled, make small chocolate balls and roll them in sugar or baking cocoa until thoroughly coated. Chill until firm.

Makes about two dozen. Keep them refrigerated and they should keep for up to two weeks (they won't last that long, trust me!). They are very, very rich so one at a time will do it. Or maybe two.

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