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13 March 2014

Fast and Frugal: Roasted Cauliflower with Peppers and Parmesan

Recently my husband and I were forced to buy a new washer and dryer. We went all the way and purchased a set that really does make laundry chores easier, plus an ionic water-purifying system that makes detergent unnecessary.

While Mr. Frenchtown Kitchen was arranging for delivery, I was checking out new stoves and refrigerators on the showroom floor. I've got my eye on a couple models. Unfortunately, the ones I have are not yet a decade old, so we'll probably hang on to them for a while.

But the fridge is due for a major reorg. That will make it feel almost as good as new.

The need to use up a bag of cauliflower, some onions, and a red pepper, plus a nearly-empty carton of grated Parmesan cheese resulted in this side dish. But as soon as inspiration struck, I wondered: Can I make a bag of frozen cauliflower taste good?

24 February 2014

A Dozen Fresh Must-Have Items in My Refrigerator

Red and white cipollini onions from Immerfrost Farm.
Availability of fresh, locally-grown produce has waxed and waned over the 20 years since my husband and I moved back to our hometown. In 1994, we could not find casual restaurants that served anything but fried food. Thankfully, over the years a new generation of owners and chefs took over area restaurants and most emphasize healthier cooking with local ingredients.