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11 November 2007

Sunday Supper: Rotisserie Chicken

Lately we've been eating only two real meals on Sundays. We have omelets at a little harborside café, and find that this meal satisfies us (and certainly provides our quota of eggs for the week) until suppertime.

At that point, one of us makes a run to the Italian market or the other supermarket in town for rotisserie chicken. Sometimes it is accompanied by cole slaw, other times by oven-roasted vegetables.

Until recently, I cooked my own chicken. But time is scarce these days. The chicken we find at local supermarkets is wonderful, and I can see why my mother has loved it all these years.

We found rotisserie chicken all over Paris and were sorely tempted by some we saw on Rue Cler. But my husband purchased what seemed like tons of sausage, and regrettably, we passed it up. Next time. (My next-time list is getting quite lengthy.)

We did buy a bag of rotisserie chicken potato chips, which were OK, but not nearly as delightful as olive potato chips. We wondered if olive was a southern preference.

What is your favorite deli meal?