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08 March 2014

France: What's in My Suitcase on the Way Home; Easy Aioli

We use this sauce in our favorite pasta dishes, usually with sausage.

On our last trip to Paris, the woman who checked out of the suite next to ours left behind dozens of bags and boxes from some of Paris' poshest clothing shops. The housekeeper tittered as we commented on them. I've always fancied a shopping spree in Paris myself, but the truth is, I'd probably rather buy food.

I love shopping in French supermarkets. The variety, even at the smaller stores, is incredible. The prices at FranPrix and LeaderPrice are great, the variety at T.LeClerc is vast and the deli at Monoprix is always reliable.

The night before we leave for home, I am busy wrapping cans and jars and packages in bubble wrap and clean socks. Here is what the customs people generally find in our checked baggage: