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03 March 2014

Seven (Edible) Reasons to Dream of Summer Farm Markets

Northern Wisconsin's abbreviated growing season makes it hard to eat fresh and local year-round, although we are faring much better this year, thanks to hoop houses that many area growers have installed on their farms. We have two winter farm markets.

I dream of summer markets, though, especially with the Daylight Savings Time and the spring equinox only days away.

Here's what I'm thinking about as I dream:

Big Juicy Tomatoes
Favorite Way to Eat: Sliced, on a breakfast tartine, with cheese, avocado or cucumber.

20 August 2012

At the Market: Indigo Rose Tomatoes

Some things are meant to be enjoyed all by themselves.

Indigo Rose tomatoes are among them.

They look likes small plums. But bite into one and it's juicier than a plum could ever be. And it's just about as sweet.

The flavor is supercharged tomato. The juice dribbles down your chin, so wear a bib.

The Immerfrost Farm growers are spoiling me with their great produce and imaginative displays. My palate, always discriminating when it comes to tomatoes, is downright snobbish now.

I might never buy a grocery store tomato again. Ever. Even in dead of winter.

It just wouldn't be the same.