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07 August 2014

Living in Wine Country

Grapes growing in Sonoma County, California.
I am about to experience a massive case of wanderlust, a condition that always strikes come mid-August, when hints of fall slip gently across Wisconsin.

But this year, no travel plans are on the horizon.

One of the greatest rewards of travel is tasting new dishes and sampling new wines. We've vacationed twice in France's wine country and I've made one quick trip to California's - fun, but not enough to satisfy me.

Fortunately, there are now wineries closer to home.

Three years ago, a savvy couple I know opened a winery near my home town, Forgotten Fire. Just recently they opened a second winery, Falling Water, about 25 miles away. Read about them and other regional wineries here.

Across the bay of Green Bay, beautiful Door County, which many call Wisconsin's version of Cape Cod, has acquired many wineries in recent years. Read about the Door County Wine Trail here.

I don't have any local winery photos to share, but at least, thanks to a few enterprising individuals, I can now say I live in wine country. It makes staying home a little easier to swallow.

Sonoma County is laid back but cordial.

At the Harvest Moon Winery in Sonoma County.

Grapes growing in Sonoma County.

A quiet place amidst the vineyards, near Santa Rosa.