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16 August 2012

At the Market: The Doctor is Green and He's a Tomato

I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go to a farm market. I can feel my adrenaline pumping. I get butterflies in my stomach. Doesn't matter if I'm in France or back home.

I love discovering new things. New things to eat, especially.

So when of the growers at Immerfrost Farm showed me this little green guy and said, "Here try this!" I had to buy it. Problem is, I bought only one. Silly me.

This is the first tomato that tastes like wine. It is complex. I mean, it has an initial note, a mouthfeel and a finish. And the flavor mellows once the tomato has been sliced or burst open with a bite. My first thought was that it had a grassy taste. I thought I tasted corn, too. Then there was something funny, something nice happening to my mouth. The flavors were evolving.

I've experienced this with wine and good coffee. But never with a tomato. The tiny piece I allowed my husband to taste had the same affect on him.

Can you fall in love with a tomato? I guess so.

It turns out this little guy, Green Doctor's Frosted, is only three years old. I'm robbing the cradle, so to speak.

These tomatoes are like candy. Most cherry or grape tomatoes are - all that sweet tartness concentrated in a small package. The "frosted" part apparently refers to this tomato's grape-like appearance.

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