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12 July 2012

Paris: Three Waiters Waiting in Place Dauphine

My next food post will have to wait, because Mr. FKIA mistakenly tossed some of the fixings away.

These things happen. I was only mildly irritated. Life's too short to be upset about small things that can be fixed.

Some people do.

But patience is something I've learned.

I had to snap the photo above quickly because I was afraid one of the waiters would separate from the group. I like the symmetry of three (or five) of anything. It was taken on a lovely Sunday in May in Paris. The restaurant was about to open.

Last night we ate at a casual, family restaurant along the shore, and I had a pulled pork sandwich. It was wonderful! The pork was topped with coleslaw. I love coleslaw!

This recipe from Kalyn sounds wonderful, too! Note that it is made with a slow cooker, so patience is required. The guacamole serves the same purpose as the cole slaw. Different tastes, different textures alway appeal to me.

Here's another slow cooker recipe from Christine that looks appealing. In my book, Christine is the Queen of Taste Pairings.

26 December 2006

A Cranberry-Orange Drink for the Holidays

Some drinks just taste like Christmas - or Valentine's Day. A Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet — popular here in Wisconsin — is one of them.

"The Faraway" from Christine Cooks is another.

Made with orange juice, cranberry juice, vodka and lime, it sounded so good, I had a difficult time waiting until Christmas Eve to make it. I made a pitcher that night and another on Christmas Day. I added a pinch of sugar and it was sublime. We finished off a nearly empty bottle of Absolut in the process.

You can read about the drink's provenance and the measures of ingredients at Christine's blog.

I highly recommend it.