About this Blog

I started this blog in June 2006. I was teaching journalism at a community college and wanted to learn all I could about online news and opinion options.

My first thought was to make the blog, which I called "French Kitchen in America," a reflection of my French Canadian culinary heritage and my travels in France. I thought the blog would be about food, but not necessarily a recipe blog.

I blogged regularly for just over a year, then accepted a new, demanding job. I made additional trips to France, spending time in both Paris and the southwest of France as well as in Quebec City. Yet my blog posts were infrequent.

I live full-time in Wisconsin. So when I decided to retire early after five years as a non-profit CEO, I began to incorporate more local products into my blog.

It was time for a name that more accurately reflected the purpose of the blog. I chose "A Frenchtown Kitchen" in memory of my Grandma Annie's own red-and-white kitchen in the Frenchtown, or West End, of my hometown in Upper Michigan. Frenchtowns, neighborhoods settled in large part by French Canadian immigrants, can be found in many New England and Upper Great Lakes communities. It was the New England mills and the northern lumber camps that drew my ancestors and other French Canadian families to the US in the latter part of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th century.

Today, A Frenchtown Kitchen focuses on French country fare, French Canadian classics, Wisconsin style and affordable eating. My love for farm markets, fresh produce and cheese is evident.

Please feel free to email me: afrenchtownkitchen@gmail.com


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