31 March 2014

Brie Cheese with Chestnut Butter

Portions of this post appeared in late 2008: 

Under normal circumstances, I am suspicious of food items that purport to be created to be "paired with" another food item. Having worked for an advertising agency, I know this is a marketing gimmick. It works, though.

30 March 2014

A Cheese Shop in Wisconsin: A Visit to Madison's Fromagination

Two things happened yesterday: The Badgers beat University of Arizona by one point in a heart-stopping overtime and my husband and I decided a trip to Madison was in order for the summer.

I love Madison. Its politics mirror mine (trust me, I am not talking about the governor of Wisconsin) and it makes me feel 21 again. I feel privileged to have lived there for over a decade.

Madison offers much in the way of culture and fun as well as politics, and a trip there is never complete without a bit of shopping. In recent years, shopping in Madison always includes Fromagination, one of the best cheese shops in the country.

I'm rerunning this post from 2008, as a salute to a city I love, a state I've adopted and an alma mater I'm so proud to claim: 

28 March 2014

Yah Hey! Yoopers are Finally Legit

Road Food: Pasty and apple supper, September 2007

Those of us lucky enough to be born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan have known who we are for years. We are Yoopers. Derived from U.P.ers. U-P.

Basic Warm Broccoli Salad

Fresh broccoli is always on hand in my kitchen. Like chicken, beef and potatoes, it is an empty-canvass food that offers many options: Sautéed, steamed, raw, in a stir fry and many more.

Raw broccoli salads are my favorite, but in winter something heartier seems more appropriate. This winter, I've been loving warm broccoli salads with shallots and sautéed croutons. But that's just the underpinnings of this tasty salad: The final product is determined by what is leftover in the fridge.vThe basic salad remains the same.

Here's how to make it:

27 March 2014

Cold Turkey Salad with Curry, Apricots and Cashews

It's been years since I've cooked a turkey.

I cooked my first turkey in grad school, when the publishing company I worked for gave them to all employees, even contract editors. I had no choice: There wasn't enough room in my freezer to store it, so I prepared it well before Thanksgiving. I lived on leftovers all winter long. Not a bad deal when you're a student.

26 March 2014

From My Grandmother's Kitchen: Blueberry Pudding with Raspberries

Blueberry Pudding with Raspberries

What I remember most about my Grandma Annie's kitchen in Frenchtown are the fruit desserts she made. This was one of her favorites, and mine. She made it with only blueberries at least once a year, but often added raspberries, too, as the summer progressed.

25 March 2014

Remembering Frenchtown

Frenchtown, probably in the 1930s
In the latter half of the 19th century and the first few decades of the 20th, nearly a million French Canadians emigrated to the United States. They went to New England to work in textile mills and to the Upper Great Lakes region to work in the lumber camps.