Brandy Baked Pears

Since mid-October when it became evident I had purchased too many apples during the waning days of the local farm market, we have been feasting on baked apples laced with brown sugar and cinnamon and stuffed with raisins and walnuts.

It was time to upgrade to a pear.

As much as I love apples, pears have a certain je ne sais quois that apples lack — a subtle sophistication in both form and taste.

We loved this recipe:

Brandy Baked Pears

  • 6 firm pears
  • 1/4 cup light brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup pear brandy

Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees. Peel and halve the pears. Use a melon-baller or apple corer to remove the core. Pour brown sugar into bowl or flat baking pan; coat pears with sugar.

Melt butter in shallow baking dish in microwave or oven. Add the pears, spooning some of the butter on top. Add water to the baking dish, and bake until pears become tender and sugar and butter begins to carmelize. Remove from oven, add brandy to pear dish and allow to sit for 2-5 minutes. Keep spooning juices over the pears.

For topping, I mixed mascarpone cheese with brandy and some of the juices. You can also mix 1/4 cup chilled heavy cream that has been whipped until soft peaks form with one teaspoon of brandy.

We added roasted walnuts and a shake of cinnamon to the pears before serving.


Lydia said…
Mimi, your photo of the pears is mouthwatering!
Mimi said…
Thank you, Lydia, that means a lot to me!
christine said…
Beautiful and, yes, mouthwatering! I could low carb this a bit by using a Splenda-brown sugar blend. Isn't it wonderful how the simplest things are the most delicious?
Jann said…
This is a great photo....did you get a new camera? And, I love this sort of dessert, especially this time of year.
Mimi said…
Good thinking, Christine — I usually use fructose in place of white sugar, but did not have any substitute for brown sugar.

Jann, I am just learning more about my camera — about time, too, since it wsa a 2005 Christmas gift.
Pepper said…
Nice. I would put a piece of cake or gingerbread with it to soak up the juice, and have it with coffee for a decadent breakfast. Will definitely be on my list if I get pears again this year.
Mimi said…
Yes, sponge cake or pound cake or gingerbread would really dress this up, Pepper. I felt a bit guilty smothering it in sugar. . .
Anonymous said…
Mmm. The red pears have been especially good as of late around here.
Mimi said…
Erika — do you shop at Woddman's in Green Bay, by any chance?
Mimi said…
Uh..make that Woodman's.
Marlinn said…
I am coking dinner for my girlfriends grandparents tomorrow (shoot its tonight now I have been reading recipes all night) any who, This looks great for a desert, has anyone tried this with just regular Brandy or is that going to create too much of that boozey taste?

If you ave please let me know and email this account
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kimberly said…
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