Paris: On the Cheap

I cannot tell you how much I wanted this raspberry confection in the window at LeNotre near the Bastille one dreary morning in May.

I craved it. I could taste it. I wanted to consume it.

Eating it - posessing it - would have brightened my day considerably.

But it was 40 euros, and it was a big. I should have bought a smaller dessert, which was about 7 euros. But even that is hard for me to do, as my frugality gene rears its practical head regularly when we are on the road.

The way I see it, you never know when you will need every extra penny you have. So: No frivolous purchases.

My husband and I often split desserts. We want a taste, not the whole thing. This saves us both money and calories, not to mention carbs, fat, salt and other things that are bad for you but good tasting.

We restrain ourselves, shooting photos instead.

I'm not sure if I am entirely happy being so darned prudent and frugal.


Anonymous said…
If you eat it all you haven't wasted and that, my dear, is frugal :)..and I could have helped.
Lydia said…
You know that old saw: coulda, woulda, shoulda.... You'll always have the photo, but the taste memory of that lovely confection would have lasted a long time, too. Now, of course, you have a reason to go back to Paris (not that you ever really need a reason!) -- for dessert!
Mimi said…
Ah, but should I have eaten it all? Probably not. Next time I will share, Maryann.

Ah, Lydia, now you know my secret. But 40 euros for a cake???
Farmgirl Cyn said…
I know what you mean. Pictures don't taste too good! Look pretty, but no real flavor!
Mimi said…
It is not always good to be frugal, Cyn.

Next time....
dharmagirl said…
I have what I call the "ga-ga" principle to guide my spending. It's helped me separate the frivolous from that which truly makes me happy. Basically, I need to feel a lasting rush a pleasure upon seeing something (whether a fancy chocolate bar or a new pair of shoes). Sometimes it means I spend a little more at the time, but less in the long run because I avoid impulse buys I later regret. I too would've been torn on this dessert--so delicious and beautiful, but also so big...I'm a fan of diminuitive desserts:)
Mimi said…
Dharmagirl, I have always thought restaurants should serve smaller dessert portions. I have suggested samplers, but so far no one has taken me up on it.

Once at the local French restaurant, i had a trio of small desserts, mostly summer berry things. It was a great idea and good, too.
I am just glad you took the photo so we can all dream about it. Of course, I would have bought it and ate it in my hotel room before bedtime.
Mimi said…
I wish I had done that, Violette! What a lovely name you have!

40 euros is a lot!

Yes, it's a trick balancing frugal with Paris! Or any kind of travel, really. You can't spread your indulgences out, you have to do them all at once, because you won't get another chance in a month or so.
Mimi said…
Laura, I must be less practical on my next trip!
You're a better woman than I, Mimi. Though I'm not sure I could have bought the whole thing either. That said, when I'm in Paris, by the end of my stay, my hotel room always looks like a grocery store - food and flowers everywhere!

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