Cranberry-Citrus Punch for Parties

Having worked late last night, I managed to sneak home while it was still light out today so I could tramp through the snow to the west side of the house where the Japanese Barberry and American Bittersweet grow rampant, along with a mystery vine that threatens to take over the entire southwest portion of the yard. I shot the photo above and some others that may appear in a later post.

It was mighty cold, but the sun was setting and it was lovely anyway. This morning while dressing for work, I heard and then saw a large male cardinal in the cedar tree, just a yard or so from where I stood. Magnificent.

Since red is my signature color, I consider this a sign of good luck. Unfortunately, I have no photograph.

Speaking of red, if you need a great recipe for a non-alcoholic punch this year, try the one below. I did not get a photo of the punch, either, but I will tell you that it drew rave reviews and second and third helpings.

Ruby Red Christmas Punch

  • 1 two-liter bottle ginger ale
  • 1 48-ounce bottle cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1 12-ounce pre-made canned lemonade
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • thin slices of orange, lemon and lime to float on top

Chill the ingredients and blend in punch bowl. I make ice in a round gelatin mold, studding it with maraschino cherries.

I don't have all the ingredients just now, but I am contemplating cobbling together some sort of pink drink tonight with what I do have. 'Tis the season.

Two things that are becoming holiday rituals for food bloggers:

The Menu For Hope project, which raises money to feed the hungry, and the Food Blog Awards, which recognize excellence in food blogging.

Of the former, I will say this: There are so many cool items to be raffled off, I am having a hard time figuring out how to spend my money.

Of the latter, I was surprised but pleased to see that at least one of the blogs that made the short list was eclectic (not strictly food) and that several of my favorites are getting the attention they deserve. Feeding the soul is as important as feeding the body, by my way of thinking, and I like to see deserving people get recognition.

Thanks to Abby for her faith in me.


Farmgirl Cyn said…
Just might give the N/A punch a try this Christmas, as we have several under age kids around, and it sounds far more festive than Coke!
If I don't get 'round again soon, Mimi, have a blessed Christmas!
Mimi said…
Thank you, Cyn, I must get over to your place soon!
Abby said…
I just wish I could have nominated you more than once, Mimi. You are far and away my favorite blogger.

Let me know if you win anything:)
Lydia said…
This is just my kind of punch -- who needs alcohol when you have so many good flavors going on?!
dharmagirl said…
sounds delicious (as does the soup from your previous post--I'll have to adapt that to my vegetarianism, and give it a go. i love, love port salut cheese...). your photo is beautiful--there are moments of small, beautiful, wonder here in the frozen tundra:)
Mimi said…
Thank you, Abby! I am thrilled that for two years in a row, a reader submitted my blog for nomination. There are many, many wonderful blogs out there that inspire me. What I feel a bit bad about is not having enough time to work on mine.

I have not bid on anything yet, but last year, I won a gift certificate from Food for Hope - which I loved.

Lydia, this punch was served at a reception a few nights back and it was a real hit.

Dharmagirl, good to hear from you! I must visit you and catch up. Sounds like you appreciate the tundra!
Oh and Mimi I have fresh home made cranberry juice to make it with!! Maybe it should be Cardinal Punch! Yes red is just a grand color.
I know what you mean. I don't have enough money to even take one chance on all of the ones I would love.
Mimi said…
Tanna, that's a great idea!

I guess I can't bring myself to bid yet - this auction gets more popular every year!
Sarah McColl said…
i love what you wrote about the bittersweet and the vines on your house -- so beautiful!
Mimi said…
Thanks, Sarah! I just sneaked a peak at your site - so cool. I will return for a thorough look later.
Anonymous said…
Popping by to catch up with you. Love your photos and commentary on Paris, as always.
Hope you're not too snowed in there!
Wishing you a very Happy Holiday season.
Jann said…
This is a perfect punch to have around for all my non-drinker friends~ nice to have a variety of other beverages at gatherings around the holidays~

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