Paris: In September

Bonjour from Paris!

Our plane from Detroit landed earlier than usual and no luggage was misplaced or sent to Cairo, so we were tucked into our shuttle bus and whisked away at noon. Thankfully, the desk clerk at our hotel found us a room and were were able to nap, shower, and be on our way by 3:30 p.m., just in time to enjoy a balmy and golden September afternoon.

I have always wanted to come here in September.

We are near Gare de Lyon and the Bastille, and so far have meandered through our favorite St. Paul Village and the Place de Vosges. We've explored a few new areas, and found places I want to revisit.

We contemplated a dozen different eating places before choosing a small cafe in the shadow of the Gare de Lyon clock. We ordered salads, a bottle of deep rosé from the Midi. The waiter was engaging enough to allow us to share a piece of apple tarte for dessert without telling us this was not done in Paris (I am certain it is not. Perhaps I read that somewhere.)

We are here. We are happy. We are off on the train today. Our journey will cut pleasant swath through the Loire, the Berry and skirt the Massif Centrale. On to Cahors!

Oh, Paris. Je t'aime.


Sigh . . . Enjoy Mimi.
L Vanel said…
Mimi, one of my favorite desserts is a "cuillère". That pie looks heavenly.
Judy said…
Oh Mimi I'm so happy that you take me with you. Your dinner looked divine and that dessert...OH MY!! Have a wonderful time. Where are you taking us next?
Annette said…
I'm glad you are blogging through your vacation. I'll be able to vacation vicariously through you.
lady jicky said…
Hi Mimi. Have a great time and I shall be reading !
MaryRuth said…
Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to reading your posts.
Anonymous said…
Have a fabulous time Mimi, spent 3 weeks in July in France and can't wait to go back again. Tried buckwheat galettes this time or ble noir as the French call them with different fillings taste....wonderful.
Been away for a while, nice to be back, son all clear.
ChazFrench said…
Awesome! I love reading about other people's experiences in places I've been. Bring back memories.

Keep sharing!
So happy for you that you are in Paris...
Such a lovely dessert... when I am there my friends and I very often share a dessert at all small cafe.
Many women in Paris do this and is accept as normale.
(Perhaps not so allowed at 4 and 5 star restos, but they are not our habitude...not until we win much
Wish you a wonderful stay in France.
toni said…
September is the best month in Paris, for sure. Oui -- Paris, je t'aime!

Enjoy! And thanks for sharing with us, Mimi!
Anonymous said…
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SHe's been confronted by many authors about her thievery, and will go private for awhile, but always returns with new blog posts, all stolen. I have no idea why she does this, her name is Cid (sometimes Sid) Busarow, she runs Fish Creek House Bed and Breakfast in Montana, she has a contact number on her site.
Anonymous said…
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Fiona said…

I hope you are have had a fabulous time, seen lots of new sights and eaten lots of interesting French food. Most of all I hope you feel well rested.
richard said…
hi mimi,
i didn't know u were going to be here. I would have loved to have seen u. are u still here?
Richard, we are here and in your neighborhood at the Marceau Bastille! Until Sunday.

To all who check in, many thanks, and I will answer you individually later.

Right now I have to deal with that sleazy blogger who ripped off parts of a post I wrote some time ago.

Thanks, Anonymous!

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