Jesuites and Other Pastries

I entered a building I have not entered in decades today. Never mind the circumstances. I had to steel myself to do it as my departure from there was a sad one.

I was a child then, and I did not understand the circumstances. I only knew something was amiss, and I was a study in abject misery. "I want to go home," I kept saying to my mother, though I did not understand the concept of home. I only knew I wanted safety.

As an adult, I frequently feel the need to find a safe harbor, and the same phrase enters my mind. It coursed through my thoughts again and again when we were away. The news on television was grim, and my French is utilitarian enough to understand and become somewhat alarmed. By day we had the beauty of the French countryside to distract us, but by night we often hunkered down by the television, listening and watching disturbing reports about the American economy.

I found myself reaching for soft, comforting sweets, Like the creamy puffs above or the Jesuite below.

Called Jesuites because they were once coated with chocolate (which would have resembled the long cassock of the Jesuit priest), the pastry triangles are filled with frangipane. Jesuites are a staple of the patisserie.

In France, I was drawn to pastries as I have never been drawn before. Slowly savoring my Jesuite, I felt like a the naughty Catholic schoolgirl I once was, and perhaps will forever be.

But sometimes you just need a little comfort...


Fiona said…
Pastries are great comfort food. I always enjoyed the continental pastries, they are in a class of their own.

Nothing wrong with being a naughty Catholic schoolgirl ;)
Thanks, Fiona. I do like continental pastries myself, as you can tell.
lady jicky said…
In these tough economic times and what of the future world wide I do not know , there is nothing like comfort food . Those pastries look so yummy.
Beautiful -- I've never heard of these, but I can understand how they would be comforting.
Judy said…
I've been doing the same. Cooking and eating comfort food and lot of goodies I shouldn't be eating but now it's too bad cuz I'm eating them anyway!! I'll be good next month.
Yes, Lady Jicky, our economic situation requires comfort and food remains reasonable, if not inexpensive.

Oh, Lydia, one bite...

Yes, Judy, there is always next month.
L Vanel said…
Those look completely sinful, Mimi. Thank you for sharing them.
I sinned greatly in France, Lucy. But a Jesuite must be OK, right?
Christine said…
I can almost smell and taste these pastries, Mimi. All they need is a good pot of hot tea and a friend with whom to share them.
I'm on my way, Christine. If only!
Jann said…
I would love a plate of these right now~they are so delicious! I am enjoying these photos so very much! thanks, MimI

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