No More Winter!

Just when we think winter has lost its icy grip, it comes back in a sneak attack.

There's nothing sneaky about the snow and sleet we are due to get tomorrow, though. We are prepared for it. Meanwhile, I've been stocking up on spring jackets in pinks and yellows and scarfs in flighty floral patterns.

I crave spring.

The photo above is deceiving. It was late September near Montcuq, when we took a detour and ended up on a little road along the causses. This charming scene, a bit out of focus, captured me.

I hope you like it.


Martha said…
Just when we thought spring was here -- we got 3 inches of snow Saturday! But it was a pretty snow! Alas, it was gone by Sunday evening because the temps had warmed up. I don't like to see lilac and daffodils huddling in snow!
Erika said…
Oh, I want to LIVE in that photo!

Well, it looks like we might squeak by with just some rain, the wintry mix is in a strange line to the NW of us- I hope you fare the same!
Martha, I worry about those porr little blooms huddling (and you are right - that is what they do) under snow.

I want to live there, too Erika. Sometimes the bad stuff doesn't come this far north.
Kalyn said…
I'm dying for spring here, but we had snow over the weekend. I'm hoping it will all melt today!
Farmgirl Cyn said…
Actually, I think the "out of focus" adds to the charm of the photo!
I hate it when the calendar says it is spring, but old man winter keeps rearing his ugly head.
Lilacs! Maybe it really is Spring....
Kalyn, we are having rain that may turn to snow later. So I can sympathize.

I agree, Cyn.

Lydia, I would love lilacs just now.
Jann said…
Hang in there, Mimi, Spring is on the way......I would love to be walking where that photo was taken~it is a breath of Spring!
Jann, I would, too.

It is spring in the photo, but nearly October when it was taken. Lots of microclimates in France, it seems.
Dave Jones said…
The photo is gorgeous...i love to be there.
lady jicky said…
Look at that lilac hedge!
I love the scent of lilac.
Hi, Mimi, I live in the French Alps after having spent my entire life in Southern Florida and Los Angeles. I am with you in 'craving spring.' The constant gloom and rain then snow has taken its toll, however, the area is SO gorgeous that it does make up a lot for the lack of sun. I'm glad to find your blog so that I can learn more about French Cuisine. I have a couple of my favorite French recipes (in the form of videos) on my blog but I have SO much to learn about French cooking. A bientot. Cynthia in France
Dave J, I cannot think of a more perfect place to me. This was about 25 miles south of the Lot River.

Lady J, I agree. I adore lilacs, but only have one bush in my yard.

Cynthia, I have much to learn too, and have not cooked much lately at all.
Metamorphosis said…
Lovely pic! Wish I were there!

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