Enter the Season

I liked this photo so much, I wanted to include a version of it in my holiday greeting.

The run up to Christmas is here. This holiday means different things to different people. To me it is a season of introspection, followed by an opportunity for renewal. There is a spiritual element for me, but it may not align with the traditional notions. I believe the meaning behind the symbols of this season are what should resonate in hearts.

Generosity, humility, innocence, kindness are what we should carry with us as we move into the future, or the next phase.

May you enjoy good food, good people and good thoughts as you enter this season.


Farmgirl Cyn said…
This has been a very unusual Christmas for us. We have had to cut back, pare down, and slow down. I am liking it!
Hope you have a most wonderful blessed Christmas!

Martha said…
The last couple of years our decorating has been more of a thing of the past (greens, tree, creche, poinsettias) rather than an abundance of Christmas "things" -- it's easier (except for the tree) and I like the clean up!

I think we should take a cue from simplier times!
I agree with both of you, Cyn and Martha. I like a pared down, natural Christmas.

I think Christmas has little to do with decorations and gifts.

This year, we opted not to give gifts, as we have for several years now. Instead, we chose several local nonprofits that help people in need with food, children's gifts, housing, animal care and healthcare.

I'm not bragging about doing this: I gave what I could, and tried to spread the money around. It does feel good, but that's not why we did it.

I tried to balance this with shopping local. I think if we all tried to help our communities, we could turn Christmas around.

To be what it should be.
Jann said…
Ah, yes, the days gone by and those simple pleasures~we could all use a dose of that, I think. Your generous giving to charities and those in need is certainly admirable. It can be a difficult time for many~but for those who believe in the true meaning,it will be a blessed Christmas. A very Merry Christmas to you!!
Jann, I did not give all that much, but thanks for your kind words. I've had some hard times in my life, too, years when this time of year was a real struggle.

I just want to pay it forward.
Fiona said…
Your house looks just like a Christmas Card, its beautiful, though I know also frigidly cold !!! So different to our Christmas down-under.

I agree with your take on the meaning behind the season, which I think a lot of people forget.

Merry Christmas to you Mimi, and to all who post here.

Famille Gerdel said…
Oh, you have change the picture of your blog... nice.

Have yourself a Happy Merry Christmas Time!
Christine said…
Merry Christmas and all my best for a wonderful 2010, Mimi. Refering to your last post, I too have found myself to be wheat intolerant and have been eating wheat-free since last July. It's a challenge sometimes, but I'm so much happier and healthier now, I cannot imagine myself going back to eating wheat. Let me know if I can be of any help for you, my friend. Take good care.
Andrea said…
I wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy New Year Mimi! I hope 2010 is full of good food and good travel for you!

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