Comfort Food, Comforting Places

Along with concerns over the health of family members during the past 12 months, came some disturbing personal challenges.

No, I did not overcome an addiction (Do they even have 12-step program for Internet surfers?). Nor did I get myself arrested, lose something of value (a job or a friend or a loved one). No, nothing like that. Let's just say I ran across more than my share of people with issues who challenged me and created obstacles and unpleasant situations.

In other words, life was normal.

I found myself craving the little things that comfort me: Scented candles, naps on our cloud-soft sofa, mashed potatoes, rice, walks, books set in quiet villages and soft music. I've been spending a good deal of time on islands, at resorts, and at health-food stores.

Late Friday morning, I drove to Door County, Wisconsin's answer to Cape Cod and the coast of Maine. This time of year, the leaves are mostly on the ground - save for some stubborn oaks - and the lovely bones of this island-cum-peninsula are obvious. On a sunny way, this glorious spit of land jutting into Lake Michigan and Green Bay, these orchards, farms, fields, beaches and villages are awash with an amber glow. On such days, the sky is azure and the berry-yielding trees and bushes are crimson. Driving up hills and down lanes, one sees charms not evident in high summer or peak color season.

I spent no time in the kitchen this weekend, but instead took a few photos of the land and water I wanted to share with you.


TNelson said…
Door County has got to be one of the most beautiful places in North America. I got married at the White Lace Inn there and we spent the rest of the week just enjoying the scenery, people and places. It's on my list as one of those places I'd love to visit again. I am glad to see your occasional posts again and hope your new year is easier than your last!
Lara B Knight said…
Beautiful post! Your descriptions are like poetry. I hope you have a quite week. Lara
Why, Trish, what a wonderful setting for a wedding! Yes, I agree - I think the Door is truly unique. Within two hours of my home, I can find open fields, ancient farmhouses and barns, stunning contemporary architecture, great shops and restaurants, and a whole bunch of fabulous shops.

Lara, I hope that you visit Door County sometime, if you have not already! And yes, I hope the week is quiet, although it will be busy.
Danièle said…
I think maybe autumn IS the best season in the USA. I am in PA for a couple weeks, and really it is my favourite season there. Today a chord of wood is being delivered and i really look forward to stocking the logs in what I call the "little house". Admiring nature is a great luxury. Thanks for the pix.
I am a bit envious, Daniele! Such tasks are seasonal and in doing them we become part of the cycle of change. I have always been enchanted by these rituals, and have lived my life around them, choosing clothing, books, scents and foods to enhance the seasons.
Cooking isn't always the best therapy. Sometimes, it's the air, the light, the water that are what's needed to restore equilibrium.
Isn't that true, Lydia! I have now taken two little mini-vacations since summer, and each one centers me a little more.

In December, we'll go back to Miscauno Island for a spa day and to celebrate our anniversary.
Anonymous said…
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I’ve started to look for blog help more regularly and I think I’m going to add your blog to my list as well. Thanks for the post!

Christine said…
I hate it when I miss your posts, Mimi, because I always enjoy them so. Don't know why this didn't show up in my reader.
I agree that sometimes cooking is not what "feeds" us. The soul needs feeding as well and it seems that you have a lovely place that will do just that. Be well.
Jann said…
Enjoyed looking at the photos~so much color! A wonderful break for you.....
I've been doing some stress eating lately, Christine, and that's not good. So it was great to spend time unwinding and NOT eating a lot.

I never knew how lovely Door County was in November, Jann. We are indeed blessed to have it across the bay.

Next month: Back to Miscauno Island for the holidays.
Toni said…
Every time you write about Door County, I want to pack a bag and take the next flight out. It looks so beautiful there - the perfect antidote to the kind of people you describe.

Sometimes we cook....sometimes we amble and eat. It's all good.
You are quite right, Toni.

Yes, come visit Door County - it is lovely!

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