Snow like Cotton

The snow fell like cotton early this morning and when I left the house for Saturday errands, the day was bright and pure.

January days have a clarity like no others in Northern Wisconsin. The sunlight reflects off the snow and brightens everything, showing only that which is necessary and true.

Today's light was not flat, but intense and sparkling.

Our moods are lighter today, and my husband and I joked while folding laundry. We are growing older together and taking pleasure in small everyday tasks. Our life together is simple and clear.

Our Saturday night supper will be simple, too: Small tenderloins with herbs de Provence and mushrooms and a salad of lettuce, tomato and olives.

There is a contentment in January, and an optimism in the young year.

I hope this is true for you, too.


I know exactly how you feel. I feel lucky every day that my husband and I are getting the chance to grow older together. Sometimes, just having coffee together at the kitchen table on a quiet (and snowy) Saturday morning is utterly satisfying.
Danièle said…
That is such a sweet post!
Pam said…
Such a lovely post. Also, they are calling for snow here. I want just enough to call off school!
Farmgirl Cyn said…
It was a beautiful, sunny day here in West Michigan yesterday. Such blue skies after the snow we had the few days prior. Makes me really appreciate it when we finally get those clear blue skies!
A simple meal here also. An organic roasted chicken, baked potatoes, and homemade fermented sauerkraut. (too much beige on the plate, but the romaine lettuce was just not fit to purchase earlier!)
Blessings to you this new year, Mimi. And I love your new avatar!
Hello, Mimi, and so pleased to 'meet' you! I see you have been blogging since 2006! I am impressed and can't wait to sift through your recipe.
Betty C. said…
I generally find January happy and optimistic too. It's February and March that get me down...but maybe this will be the year where I avoid that!

Have a good week.
Oh, Lydia, that's our favorite morning of the week!

I guess I was feeling sweet on Saturday, Daniele.

I keep waiting for us to get more snow here, Pam.

Cyn, I think you sent your good weather to the northwest!

Susan, I had high hopes for the direction this blog would take, but for the past 4 years, no time to bring it there.

March can be trying, Betty. When will spring finally get here? It does though...eventually.
A lovely post, Mimi! I understand your contentment in January. It's late February, when winter seems like it will never end, that starts to get to me. And yes, I know it ends much sooner here in Chicago than in Northern Wisconsin.
TerryB, of course my post was written before we learned of Saturday's tragic events in Arizona. I was no longer content, but very angry after that.
So Nice to see snow atleast in post, but here too hot.
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