A Kind and Gentle Memory in Cruel Times

I often dream of Grandma Annie's house in Frenchtown, and I still drive past it when I need reassurance in these crazy times. My heart catches and I whisper that I miss her.

I miss her wisdom, which she probably never knew she possessed. She judged no one, understood boundaries, and knew her place in the world. She was light a light that we all rallied around in darkness.

Here she is with me. As she is now.


Liz said…
Funnily enough I wrote a post about my Gran on Friday. I still miss her too. How important these women were to us!
Betty C. said…
Nice to see a post from you...my grandma is still alive at 95 and living in the same house I have always known her in. The day she is gone, I'm not sure I'll be able to drive by there anymore.

Take care.
After posting this photo, I had a lovely dream about Grandma Annie - yes, our grandmas were so important, Liz

Annie died in 1979. Every time I went to the old house, I felt her presence, even after we sold it to the family who made many interior changes to bring the house into the 21s century. She is always there.
Penny said…
She reminds me of my Grandmother who wore dresses similar to the one your Grandmother has on. She made all of her dresses and loved to shop for material. She was an especially strong influence on me because she lived with us.
Always memory are golden one to dream. I used to think about my grandmom, she treats me kids even i m grown.
I just found your blog, glad I did. I still miss my great grandmother, grandmother and my mom. I'm glad you had a lovely dream about your grandmother.

Thanks all! This blog's going off hiatus soon!
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