Grilled Mediterranean Salmon

It took decades for me to appreciate salmon, which with its distinct tangy taste is nonetheless extremely versatile though not the blank canvas that is chicken.

When I was a kid, salmon came from a can and was consumed at Lenten lunchtimes with mashed potatoes and creamed peas. It was only when as an adult I began eating lunches and dinners at good restaurants that I fully understood this fabulous fish. Being good for you was an added attraction; always buy wild-caught.

It also took me years to fully grasp the male fascination in firing up a grill as soon as the weather hits 45 degrees. I've never been a huge beef eater so, well, it seemed like a big fuss about nothing.

Then, almost 22 years ago, I married a grill guy and suddenly building a fire and cooking something over it became a pleasant ritual. He was so enthusiastic about experimenting with marinades and seasonings that I got caught up in it. We've gone through a hibachi and a couple of Weber Grills. I can't see investing in one of those fancy-schmancy gas grills, because I like all the trappings of a big old black Weber and its rituals.

Recently, I've been experimenting with grilling vegetables and fruit. A few years ago, I grilled peaches that were luscious but not photo worthy. This summer, I'm going to play around with vegetables wrapped in foil packets.

But I digress. Last night I made Grilled Mediterranean Salmon, using a recipe from the Mayo Clinic Website. (I should note that I always buy wild-caught.)

Fabulous! I used it in a salad along with olives, almonds and Asiago cheese for today's lunch.

What's your favorite way to eat salmon? What's the tastiest meal you've ever made on a grill?


Minerva said…
This recipe is very good!
Nice Blog... congrats!
Penny said…
I would have to say that one of my favorite ways to cook salmon on the grill is on a cedar plank. We buy untreated cedar boards from the big box store, soak them in water, then place marinated salmon on them and cook on a covered grill. Great! It took me awhile to appreaciate the taste of salmon, but I am a diehard convert. Saw a salmon run on our recent trip to Alaska and it was the highlight of the trip.
katiez said…
I actually like canned salmon - totally unrelated to fresh of course - apples and oranges. I like it covered with fresh dill and some soaked wood chips thrown on the coals. Yay summer!
Christine said…
I use a fish holder for the grill, layer it with fresh herbs then lay in the salmon filets, lemon slices and more herbs on top then close the holder and grill til done. The fish is moist, flaky and very, very herby-delicious.
It's so good to see you back, Mimi.

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