A Visit to the Market in Old Québec City

We marked the start of autumn this year with a short visit to Québec City.

We climbed Cap Diamant, and then rode the funicular a great deal. It is a great deal: For just a few dollars you can save your legs and get a wonderful view of the harbor and the St. Lawrence River. But that's another post.

A highlight of our week was a visit to the Old Port Market in the lower town.

We always book hotels with mini bars so we can have a small refrigerator in our room. This allows us to try local cheese, sausage and other perishable specialties and saves money on meals out.

We always buy apples, or some other fruit, too.

There is obviously a French gene for food presentation. Look at these pretty leeks all in a row!

When I saw these glossy eggplants and peppers, I immediately wanted to make ratatouille.

We walked to the market early in the morning, and were on our way to the upper town by 9:30 a.m. for more sightseeing and fresh air. Thus the market was uncrowded. But a few people had the same idea we did.

There is no better way to shop local than to visit a farm market when you travel.

Since my father's family is from the Québec area, I kept wondering if any of the growers were distant cousins.

I love visiting the countries of my ancestors.

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Katie Zeller said…
What a gorgeous market! Love all the garlic. We visited Quebec City the summer before we moved - lovely city.
Katie, it certainly is lovely, and when we were there at the end of September, the weather was perfect, although we only had two truly sunny days. The lower town smelled of woodsmoke in the evenings and was so charming. It felt very authentic.

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