What to Do with Eggshells: Feed Your Garden

Eggshells soaking in water.
Life has gotten in the way of blogging lately. I have new admiration for those who manage to post something daily, even weekly.

Life is not allowed to get in the way of eating, however. I just haven't had time to eat anything blogworthy.

What I have been eating: Eggs. I've been eating baked, over easy and sunny-side-up eggs for breakfast about four times a week.

And they have been delicious. For the most part, I buy them organic from a jovial and friendly farmer named Jeff and his wife, Jo. I can taste the difference.

I can't bear to waste eggshells, however, so I follow Grandma Annie's practice of soaking the eggshells in water that I can use to keep my indoor plants moist and give them a dose of calcium. After a few days, the water begins to smell a bit eggy, if you know what I mean. And you do.

There are mixed opinions on whether this practice is worth doing, or not, but I like doing something my grandmother did. It's not going to hurt your houseplants.

Ground eggshells ready for the compost bin.
I also hoard eggshells to grind and add to my compost heap. I used a small electric chopper/grinder for grinding; a coffee grinder would do the job, too. Powdered eggshells disperse calcium more readily to the compost. You can spread them directly on or in your garden, too.

Here's an interesting discussion on making water-soluble calcium from eggshells. I haven't tried it. But I might. I use vinegar for so many things in my kitchen and throughout the house; why not try it outdoors?

Grandma Annie had a use for everything in her kitchen. Now that I finally have some spare time, I am enjoying finding new ways to do the same.

Here are some additional uses for eggshells. I'm going to try the eggshell and vinegar solution on mosquito bites.

Here's yet another batch of ideas. Drain cleaner? Who knew?


~~louise~~ said…
I know what you mean Mimi. I don't know how people juggle blogging and living. After 7 years, I still can't figure it out!

I've seen the soaking of the eggshells on Pinterest and have been thinking of trying it. We always use to put eggshells at the base of the plants to deter worms and caterpillars. Supposedly, they don't like crawling over them, especially those darn cut worms. I may just try this.

Thanks so much for sharing...
M.D. Johns said…
Hi Louise, I was hoping I would see you again. I feel bad that I've been missing in action lately.

You know, I think my grandmother used to do that, too, put eggshell shards in plants.

I started using them in my tomato plants because I heard that more calcium in the soil would keep the bottoms from splitting.
~~louise~~ said…
No need to worry, Mimi. We all go through those crazy times where time just seems to go in high gear. I enjoy visiting your blog. You drop by whenever you have the chance.

I would love for you to join us playing the Picnic Game but as I said, I understand. There's always the Round-Up!

I started saving the shells after I read your post. I'm going to try that blender"trick" just for kicks! Thanks again, Mimi. Enjoy:)

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