At the Market: Produce, Artfully Displayed

The  market in old Cahors is truly a community event where news, gossip and political opinions are exchanged. It's held in the cathedral square but spills over into side streets. Here the streets are narrow and meandering. The market teems with life.

Our own market is not that busy yet, and in its 6th year, not so well established. But the produce is also artfully displayed:

Fresh Onions
Red and Purple Potatoes, with Tomatoes
Peppers, Beets, Onions and Cabbage


Christine said…
Beautiful photo, Mimi. An allium inspiration if I ever saw one!
When we were in Cahors, my son wanted to go to the flea market rather than the farmers market. He was very persuasive so we went. It was fun, and I got a lovely set of demitasse cups, but I missed a photo op like yours and have regretted it. Thank you for sharing this.
And we never got to the flea market, although we wanted to, simply because the farm market was so entrancing. If I recall, the flea market is farther south on Gambetta, and on the west side of the street. Even writing about it puts this little pinch of pain in my stomach - homesickness for a place that is not my home.

Thank you for posting, Christine.

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