At the Market: Indigo Rose Tomatoes

Some things are meant to be enjoyed all by themselves.

Indigo Rose tomatoes are among them.

They look likes small plums. But bite into one and it's juicier than a plum could ever be. And it's just about as sweet.

The flavor is supercharged tomato. The juice dribbles down your chin, so wear a bib.

The Immerfrost Farm growers are spoiling me with their great produce and imaginative displays. My palate, always discriminating when it comes to tomatoes, is downright snobbish now.

I might never buy a grocery store tomato again. Ever. Even in dead of winter.

It just wouldn't be the same.


Chef Dad said…
My wife and I are on our own for a few days as we shipped the kids to their grandparents (nice when they are old enough to travel alone). We bought a bunch of heirloom tomatoes and have been enjoying tomato salads and great sandwiches with tomato slices. Great tomato is a sign of a benevolent God.
I think you might be spot on there, Dad.

Nothing beats a tomato still warm from the vine, or even if it's not.

I just love 'em.

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