The Faraway: A Drink with Cranberry and Orange Juice

Each Christmas brings with it some lovely moments. For us - my husband and me - those moments usually involve impromptu shopping trips, lunches, snacks or other celebratory events we indulge in because (1) 'tis the season, and (2) we have time off from work.

On Friday we celebrated with a long lunch at a local inn, an old mansion perched above the river. Our table overlooked not the water but a back garden and carriage house. It has been gray and foggy here the past few days and that is typical for our part of Wisconsin when the weather is not cold. So to me, such days are part and parcel of Christmas and they lend an aura of mystery to the older neighborhood we call home.

Anyway, the mushroom ravioli was wonderful. There were gingerbread and chocolate torte for dessert.

Today, we attended a book signing at an independent bookstore in a nearby city. A friend has written a meticulously researched book of essays on a moment in local history and we wanted to cheer him on. So did quite a few others, and we were happy to see that. The wine flowed and the finger foods were lovely. Later it was good to come out of the fog and settle in for the duration of Saturday.

These simple events will become part of my bank of holiday memories.

Tonight, I'll make a pitcher of what has become our favorite seasonal libation, thanks to Christine of Christine Cooks. We'll light candles, turn on the tree lights and enjoy the simplicity of an early winter night at home.


Christine said…
It's often the small, intimate events that make the biggest, best memories. I think I'll make a batch of these myself this evening, then raise my glass to you, Mimi. Holiday Cheers to you and your husband.
Mimi said…
Thanks, Christine. We love The Faraway and we will think of you and Mr CC when we hoist our glasses, too!
breadchick said…
Mimi, I think the best part of the season is the little things we do with those we love. Joie Noel, mon ami.
Mimi said…
Oh, Mary, I do agree. I know life can be unpredictable, and we must cherish the small moments of happiness and contentment.

And Bonne Annee a vous!
Lydia said…
Nothing sounds better than a collection of small celebrations of the season. For me it's the solstice more than any of the religious holidays that give some framework to the things I do at this time of year. It is a time when everything seems to slow down, for just a few days, and that time feels like a gift.
Anonymous said…
It all sounds lovely Mimi.

Merry Christmas.

Betty C. said…
I always take my girls into Rodez on Christmas Eve to take a good look at the decorations and finish up the last minute shopping. Today we're going to do lunch out too, since we don't have a huge meal on Christmas Eve evening. They are just as excited about it as they were ten years ago, I think!
Oh you always manage to capture it Mimi! Yes it is those small moments when happiness really takes it's hold.
Merry Christmas. Thanks so much for making this a warm comfortable spot.
Mimi said…
Thanks, Lydia, Fiona, Betty, and Tanna! How lucky I am to have such friends as you and the others who post here. I am catching up at home this weekend, but plan to make holiday visits between now at Christmas. I will be in your "kitchens" soon.

Hmm...what shall I bring?
Anonymous said…
All of what you described sounded wonderful, Mimi. So cozy and "real". No frantic rushing here and there. Simply enjoying the moments and each other.
That's what we're doing this Christmas season as well. Very different and much quieter than previous ones. And I like it.
So just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Keep enjoying your moments and all the best in 2008.
Mimi said…
Hi Terri: I am just taking a quick break from the holiday decorating I am just getting around to doing! I will be making the rounds for holiday cheer later and will visit your island.
katiez said…
I just got down my 'Gingerbread House' jigsaw puzzle that I do while we watch Christmas movies... This will probably be the 20th time!
Then maybe a hot Irish Whiskey - got hooked on those the Christmas we were in Ireland.
We collect a new one (tradition) every year or two.
It sounds like you are having a lovely holiday! Enjoy your time off and have a very Merry Christmas!
Jann said…
It is indeed those little things that count so much ~Happy to read that you are busy and having a wonderful holiday celebration..... Cheers to you and yours!
Judy said…
Happy Holidays Mimi. What a lovely post as usual. I like quiet Christmas Eve's. My daughter and I are spending the day together and tomorrow we will have a big dinner with the family. Enjoy your time together and the drink too which sounds yummy!
I think some of my favorite holiday moments are when my husband and I are done rushing around and can just enjoy the decorated house and each others company.

Thank you for the holiday cocktail link! I may have to try that.

Merry Christmas to you Mimi - thank you for a wonderful year of vicarious travel and great food!
Mimi said…
Thank you all for being a part of my life.

I am very lucky that you all have stuck it out with me here!



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