Papaya and Shrimp

There were more than 200 photos on my camera today and it took about 40 minutes to download them all.

The photo above is the papaya I bought during a heat spell. Now that is food porn! The photo below is how I served it: With cucumbers, cooked shrimp, green onions and a ready-made fig-curry dressing.

I grow herbs in pots on our deck, which faces the west and gets plenty of sun. It's easy to step outside and snip fresh herbs for whatever salad I am preparing. Potato salad is like chicken, a blank canvas that gets its personality from whatever you make it with, as long as you include potatoes. I have made potato salad with capers, bacon, ham, shrimp, radishes and - always - cucumbers.

Last night we ate out, celebrating the difficult installation of a new window in our laundry room/potting shed area. We both had tenderloin. It was heavenly. What a way to end summer!


Judy said…
I can't believe you started that job 2 years ago. I remember it so well. I'm glad you are happy in your job. It sure makes getting up in the morning a lot easier doesn't? That papaya is definitely food porn. It jumps right off the screen and I'm wishing I had one right now. Have a great rest of the long weekend Mimi.
Thank, Judy. I hope you are having a great weekend, too.

Yes, the years have zipped by. Our two biggest events of the year are over now, and we have an average of one a month now, instead of five or six over the course of eight weeks. That was a killer.
Charm and Grace said…
Oh my goodness, these pictures are almost too good to look at. The papaya is fairly oozing with yumminess, and the tenderloin looks just perfect.... just the right color red and very moist. So glad the job is settling in and feeling just right.

Happy Labor Day,
Thanks, Christi. I hope your weekend is full of charm and grace and loveliness!
Christine said…
Lovely photos, Mimi. I do remember when you first started that job and how stressful it was for you. I'm so glad that it has settled into you so well and that you really like it. That's so important!
I missed the whole weekend - lying in bed with the flu instead of out playing and having fun. Getting better now, though.
Oh, no, Christine, how awful! We have had 10 straight days of glorious late-summer weather here. I would have felt awful to have missed it. Poor you!
Jann said…
This is some terribly good looking food you have prepared recently.......and a night out! That looked pretty delicious, also! I am really happy to hear you are loving this job of yours, so are very fortunate! And, they are lucky to have you!
Oh, I will like to eat your potato salad. Miam, miam!
I don't know what kind of job you are but you seem comfortable with yourself. Good.

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