Reformation Rolls, Not Unlike Hot-Cross Buns

One of the things I love about community markets, no matter the location, is that they always yield a few surprises.

I've gone shopping for asparagus and ended up with whisk brooms. I've searched for zucchini and discovered far-more-exotic red celery and striped stuffing tomatoes.

Discovering new things is part of the lure for me. It's why I shop at farm markets, from Wisconsin to Paris.

This week's surprise was Reformation Rolls.

Growing up in a Catholic household I'm familiar with Hot Cross Buns, a tasty Lenten staple. On my third trip to France, I became enamored with Jesuits.

I'd never heard of Reformation Rolls, though. Apparently, they are a German All Souls' Day custom. Halloween, it seems, was not traditionally celebrated in Germany, at least not until recently. (It's hot stuff in France, although I've never been there on Oct. 31.)

You can read more and find a recipe here.

I'm a bit surprised, growing up in heavily German-Lutheran Wisconsin, that I'd never heard of this sweet treat.

I'm looking forward to dunking them into my coffee tomorrow morning.


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