At the Market: Stuffing Tomatoes

I was so eager to see what Immerfrost Farm had in store for me today, I barely gave them time to unpack.

The growers did not let me down. What they had were these wonderful stuffing tomatoes. Because I've got another recipe to make today, I'm going to ponder the filling for a while.

My online research indicates these tomatoes keep well in the refrigerator, so I've got some time to come up with a recipe for filling, maybe even two.

I'd like your suggestions. What would you do?

See my on-the-spot photo of the tomatoes here.


Kristen said…
What beautiful tomatoes, Mimi!
Heidi with FoodieCrush just posted a stuffed tomato picture that has my mouth watering!
Farmgirl Cyn said…
Hmmmm...perhaps a filling like you would use for stuffed peppers? Or...maybe a mushroom, onions,bread crumb, parmesan stuffing?
Tomatoes...gotta take advantage of the season any which way we can!
I'm with you on the photo, Kristen! Wow. Honestly, you can almost taste it. Some great links there, too.

I'm leaning toward a cold stuffing, but who knows, Cyn. I agree: Gotta enjoy them while they last.
These look ripe and delicious! I can vision something with cheeses and bread crumbs!

Hey, Blondie! Good to hear from you! You may well be right...
Gorgeous! What variety are they?
Lydia, I was so excited I forgot to ask. I think they are Striped Carvern, which are good stuffers and keep in the fridge.
Kate said…
Those look beautiful. I made stuffed tomatoes recently and I stuck pretty closely to this recipe from Rachel in Rome These are really delicious, but require some planning ahead and it's a good idea to test the rice to make sure it's cooked to your taste before taking them from the oven. The leftovers are good with a fried egg for breakfast the next morning!
Kate, that looks wonderful; thanks for calling my attention to that recipe. I will be posting about my tomatoes over the weekend.

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