Best Wishes for a Warm Holiday Season

Yes, bland title. I know.

It's been a slow year for this almost-12-year-old blog. I've been cooking a lot, but I haven't been terribly inspired.

I make a lot of soups. Last winter it was a regular Thursday afternoon event: Chicken vegetable, tomato vegetable, onion, corn chowder, cabbage and sausage, cheese broccoli, even broccoli tomato, which happens to be my favorite.

I usually make my own stock, and enjoy it immensely. The tasks of slice and dicing to achieve mise en place continue to calm me. And that has been extremely necessary in this, um, eventful year.

Good food continues to comfort.

It was evident at the end of 2016 I would need to become more involved in my community, do something good. Food drove that, too, as I became further involved in our weekly farm market. I'm not a vendor,  but I am a regular shopper. I've enjoyed using social media to encourage eating locally. I've helped sell everything from eggs to peppers to pumpkins, and I think, sharpened my photography skills just a bit.

As we approach the year's end, I vow to do at least one post a month, even if it's a simple soup or salad post. I need to share my tartar sauce recipe - it's wonderful, and so simple - and my favorite broccoli salad.

What will the loss of net neutrality bring to blogging and the Internet? It's not looking good.  As a country, we have regressed much in the past 12 months.

But at this time of year, I prefer to be optimistic.

Here's hoping you all have a beautiful holiday season! May 2018 bring us peace.


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