Rue de Monttessuy, Paris, 2007.


Everyone has a Paris. Although it is surely the most photographed city in the world, it must be experienced by an individual, seen through an individual's eyes. This is the Paris I have seen:

The Lot Valley and Cahors

The guidebooks refer to Cahors as "a sunny, southern backwater," and I guess that's as good a description as any. For guidebooks. Me, I think of Cahors as a place of excitement, always on the verge of something important. It seems it is always in a holiday mood. But I have not visited in winter.

Spring sunset over vineyards west of Cahors, 2005

Elsewhere in France

The train from Paris to Cahors cuts a swath through the Loire and the Massif Centrale, skirting the lush Dordogne before it brings you to Cahors. On the train you can feel yourself moving south, feel the light and the attitudes changing.
Fig-Walnut Tart, Cahors, 2008

Food in France

I have made some of my best meals in real French kitchens.


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