Green Grapes with Walnuts in a Sour Cream Dressing

In winter we eat our share of of hearty and savory dishes and we begin to crave fruit in no time.

Topping fresh strawberries and blueberries with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of brown sugar makes an easy and elegant summer dessert and it's a favorite on our menu.

But never thought about pairing green grapes with sour cream. My sister introduced me to this a few years ago, and has also become a staple at our house.

You will need
  • 2 large bunches green grapes, washed, with stems removed
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 cup cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
Blend sour cream and cream cheese. Add grapes. Toss. Top with brown sugar and walnuts.

I've lately taken to dropping a few grains of sea salt on top for contrast.


Lydia said…
My doctor asked me one day if I had to give up all but one food, which food would I not be able to give up? I said "grapes" -- and she was so surprised! I'm pretty much a grape purist, but this dessert looks too good to pass up.
Grape dressing! How simple looking and I'm sure very good to eat.
Sorry to say it was 80° here yesterday and probably will be today too. Into the 30's tonight! No snow though.
Erika W. said…
Oh my gosh! I had this two summers ago and it was so amazing! The woman who made it was from India, and her version used plain yogurt instead of the sour cream- and she may have added toasted coconut as well? Either way, it was sinfully good. Thanks for the reminder that I wanted to make it! That will be a great mid-winter treat.

We're hunkering down for another hit of winter tonight! We could see up to 6 more inches I think- and we're running out of room along the driveway for snow...
Mrs. W said…
It looks delightful! I'll definitely be trying this one.
Eileen said…
Mimi, this dessert looks very easy and very tasty too, I'll definitely give this one a try.
Betty C. said…
I love your grape photo -- so fresh and clear.
Anonymous said…
Mimi I just had to comment as we used to have this (minus the walnuts)when I lived in California many moons ago. You have rekindled my thoughts to have this again with walnuts this time!!
Mimi said…
Oh, Lydia, this dessert is wonderful, and seems to keep well. I just ate the last of it, three days after making it.

Lucky you, Tanna. It is frrrrreezing here and when it is not, it is snowing.

Erika, that sounds like a great variation - I was wondering if I could try it with yogurt and still love it. I like yogurt, but I adore sour cream. We got lucky Tuesday night - good thing since our new snowblower is on order...

You won't regret this one, Mrs. W!

Hi Eileen: I bet Charlie would love this, too!

Thanks Betty - just like the taste of grapes: fresh and clear.

Hi Anne, I know - i just know - you will enjoy this.
Jann said…
Boy does this look tempting! How clever and delicious at the same time! Hope Spring is on the way for you, won't be long now!

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