Cheddar-Cheese-Beer Dip Just in Time for the Super Bowl

Cheese and beer are two mainstays of the Wisconsin diet.

So it's no wonder that local grocery stores sell cheddar-and-beer dip for pretzels or potato chips this time of year. I succumbed to the lure of this deli delicacy at two different supermarkets. It was a hit.

I'd tasted it before at holiday potlucks, but since we rarely have beer in the house (my husband prefers scotch), I'd never actually made it.

So it was time to learn. Luckily, I had two cans of beer left from last summer's beer bread trials (more on this in the future).

Cheddar Cheese-Beer Dip

1 eight-ounce package cream cheese, softened to room temperature
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated
1/2 cup beer
1 teaspoon minced onions
dash garlic salt
dash paprika

Blend first three ingredients in bowl. Add onions and garlic salt (I have made this with one minced garlic clove) and blend again. Sprinkle top with paprika.

There are numerous variations to this. A teaspoon of mayo or ketchup adds an extra zing. A pinch of seasoning salt does, too. There's another version made with ranch dressing mix.

Since the holidays ended, we've gone back to our more conservative eating habits. On cold nights (there don't seem to be any other kind this time of year), we've been having popcorn, sometimes sprinkled with a bit of that garlic salt and even cheddar cheese.


Judy said…
OK Mimi that sounds really good. I will definitely try it!! Is this one of our trying to eat healthy recipes? I loved your visit too. I enjoyed the salad I made for lunch today, I will definitely make it again. Have a great week.
Farmgirl Cyn said…
Our plans for Superbowl are stayin' home and watching on the "big" screen, all by our lonesomes. Grandson comes back from his weekend with the other grandparents every Sunday at 8pm, so we really are forced to stay home. Not a hardship for me, as the game comes on so late, I'd prefer not to be out till midnight on a Sunday.
Now, about that beer and cheese dip...I'm thinkin' I'll give that a try! I think a smoked paprika would be awesome sprinkled on top. There's something so earthy about it, and combined with the cheese and beer,... yummo.
LOL, Judy, this can be healthy if you use low-fat cream cheese, low-fat cheddar cheese, and lite or low-carb beer. Really. And use vegetables instead of pretzels of chips.

Yup, Cyn, I must agree about the smoked paprika. In fact, I was thinking the same. Great minds...and I agree about staying in, too.
cityfarmer said…
I'm laughing at you in the most respectful way....the cheese, Wisconsin and all.....but mostly, I know that if it's coming from Mimi's kitchen, it's worth blogging about...

check in for the macaroon story

ditto the yummo
Those macaroons looked wonderful, SCF!

Now bite your tongue about Wisconsin's penchant for cheese and beer...
cityfarmer said…
oh yeah, stayin in is the BEST part ... jammies on.. bra off ... snugglin' ... home alone ... viva la futbol"
Actually CF, football puts me to sleep. But the rest of it is nice!
I was thinking I'd add something spicy, because I'm incapable of not adding heat! Hot smoked paprika (it comes in hot or sweet, or bittersweet which is in-between) or maybe urfa pepper, or maybe a splash of hot sauce.
Anonymous said…
Mmmm. Heat that stuff up and pour it over toast for Welsh rarebit. Or use it for fondue. Or bathe in it, maybe! Sounds delightful!
Urfa Pepper? Lydia, you are unbeatable. Hot sauce woudl be great, too.

Yes, OPC, I like the Welsh rarebit idea. So many practical applications here. And bathing - well, why not?
Maris said…
Hi Mimi - I saw you comment over on Lydia's post and hope you enjoy my blog! I love making dips and this one sounds like a great crowd pleaser. So much better than a typical onion dip!
lady jicky said…
This is something my husband would love Mimi!
I have been busy with a new puppy. Both my two dogs have just died a week apart and its been so upsetting! we decided to get a puppy and it was the best thing we could do.
I shall wait to do the dip for its a 5 day heatwave with temps of 106f !!! We are onto day 2 . Oooo
Maris, I will be right over!

Lady J, I am so sorry to hear about your dogs, but happy you have a new one.
Eileen said…
Mimi, this dip sounds perfect for the game, I will be happy to try in this Sunday, it will be a nice change for me from my usual onion dip that I make.
Hi Eileen! Thanks for popping over. This was really good dip.

I do like my dips...
breadchick said…
Sure...tempt me with cheddar cheese and beer dip. Just when I promised myself I wouldn't make anything bad for me to sit down and watch the Super Bowl.

Oh well, I'll only have a little ;-)
Reminds you of home, doesn't it, BC?

This dip would be good served in a bread bowl...
katiez said…
OMG! that sounds good! I haven't had a cheese dip since we left - 12 years ago!
Is it SB time already? Time flies.
Katie, are you saying it is 12 years since you've had dip?

I must share my other dip recipe with you in an upcoming post.
katiez said…
12 years, Mimi, 12 long, sad, dipless years,

I hadn't thought about it before, but now I am absolutely starving for dip!!!!
I thought so, Katie. I hope you will try my creme fraiche dip and let me know what you think - I'll bet you will come up with a new twist.
Anonymous said…
Looks good. Will make it tonight.

Trish the dish
Mimi Johns said…
I bet yours will be even better! Thanks for posting.

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