Onion Chip Dip with Creme Fraîche and Boursin

I love potato chips and dip. It is one treat I refuse to give up, so I consume it in small quantities. I prefer to make my own dips, and enjoy experimenting.

This passion has its roots in the Saturday nights of my childhood when my mother and her younger sister would open a bag of chips and dip them into a blend of cream cheese, onions and ketchup while sipping Coca Cola. I still love this basic dip. (My mother loves chips and dip so much, we used to call her The Big Dipper.)

Onions and cream cheese are obviously essential. Fresh onions are best, but minced work, too.

In 2005, my husband and I discovered Brett's Olive-Flavored potato chips on a trip to France. We never found them in the U.S.

For that matter, we have never found them again in France. We've searched high and low. But along the way, we've sampled tomato-and-garlic, rotisserie chicken, and red-pepper chips.

Within the past decade, flavored chips have popped up in the U.S., too and we enjoy sampling them. But nothing beats old-fashioned - and plain - potato chops. We always opt for reduced fat.

This dip, which I first made on a visit to France, is excellent with any type of chip:

Chip Dip with Creme Fraîche and Boursin (serves two)
  • 1 cup creme fraiche (or half cream cheese and sour creme)
  • 1/3 cup boursin with garlic and herbs (or Alouette or similar brand)
  • 1 scant tablespoon mayonnaise 
  • 1 tablespoon (at least) chopped sweet onions
  • dash pepper

Simply blend ingredients and allow flavors to marry for several hours in the refrigerator. Serve at room temperature.

This is my favorite chip dip ever. Creme fraîche is not always easy to find locally, but I do stumble across it from time to time at larger supermarkets. You can make your own, too.

I have also made a simple dip by blending aioli with creme fraîche. A trip to a French grocery store is never complete until we've checked the potato chip offerings.


Judy said…
Yeah I'm first again.. This sounds divine and I am definitely making it this weekend. The chips sound wonderful. It's super bowl weekend so we don't have to be healthy right?

Thanks for being No. 1, Judy!
Because I can't eat raw onions, I'd actually caramelize the onions for this -- it wouldn't taste quite the same, but it would add a sweetness that would balance against some nice, salty chips. Yum.
I like that idea, Lydia. I have always like sweet and salty together. Again, you come up with some great ideas and tips.
Fiona said…
Potato crisps and dip are one of my passions. I have made many a dip over the years - usually with the cream cheese base and chopped onion. There are some nice yoghurt based dip recipes out there nowadays too.

I will have to try your French dip as well as the beer one in the previous post. Yum.
Martha said…
Great recipe for a dip. What good timing -- would be great Super Bowl food!
katiez said…
There is a reason you can't find dip in France - doesn't exist... Maybe I should start something....
Great recipe!
Fiona, you could make the second one with sour cream, if need be. Not sure what is available in NZ.

Martha, if you like football (even a little), Superbowl Sunday is a great time for snacking even for those of us who are trying to eat better in the new year. Well, that's my excuse...

I suspected as much, Katie!
Farmgirl Cyn said…
Boursin in a dip??? I think I could eat that stuff "straight up!" (I think I have!)
We used to make ours with the Lipton Onion soup mix and eat with chips or pretzels and beer.
Aaahhh...Lipton Onion soup mix...brings back pot roast memories!
Boursin is great with just about anything, Cyn!
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