Apple-Oatmeal Crisp

Although my school days are long behind me, I still love coming home after a day of work to find something sweet waiting for me, especially as cool weather sets in.

It's a ritual that makes me feel good. My mother almost always had some after-school sweet snack ready for us: Brownies, chocolate-chip cookies, cinnamon coffee cake or cupcakes. She liked a late-afternoon cup of coffee with hers; we kids shared the trials and tribulations of our school day over a glass of cold milk.

So last night, with skeins of Canada geese honking overhead, I made my traditional first apple crisp of the season.

Here is my recipe. Apparently in 2006, I could not wait for fall!

What is your favorite fall dessert?


Anonymous said…
I really like the way this dessert looks on the plate. It really stimulate my appetite.

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