Size Matters

My community has three different farm markets and I love them all.

The vendors are friendly and welcoming. They often set aside produce they know I will like: Potatoes that look like people and carrots in provocative positions.

The growers from Immerfrost Farm saved this monster red pepper for me. To show you how big it is, I photographed it with two smaller pepper. It's about twice the size of a red pepper you might find at the supermarket. You can actually see this pepper's skin strain.

Oh, baby. If you've been following this blog for very long, you know red peppers are probably my favorite vegetable. I believe they enhance just about everything short of apple pie.

This specimen is huge. I'm probably going to stuff it, because to cut it into stripes or squares would be a culinary travesty.

Size matters, honey. And this pepper had the audacity to grow to near-behemoth proportions. He's the size of a small squash. He deserves the best.

I'm pondering a strategy for giving this pepper  an appropriately fancy demise. As always, your suggestions are welcome.


Penny said…
Wow, that is a huge pepper. I have a favorite recipe that came from Bon Appetit years ago. Here is a link.

It has sausage (I cook it first), zucchini shredded and other good stuff.
And I have all the ingredients for this recipe on hand, and ready to be used. I read some of the reviewer comments and will go back and read them all.

Thanks, Penny. I have some chicken sausage on hand that might work with this.

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