Turkish Orange Eggplant

Look at my latest farm-market discovery: Turkish Orange Eggplant from Cindy at Coldwater Handmade Confections (produce as well as delicious muffins and candy).

Yes, although it looks like a tomato, perhaps a miniature version of these tomatoes, but it is an eggplant.

Not elongated and purple, but small and round.

My research reveals these babies taste best before they turn totally orange. So I've got a limited window of opportunity here.

What would you do with them?

Here's one idea.  And a few more.


Never seen these, and cannot wait to find out how you cook them!
I think I have a plan.

I'm nervous.
Chef Dad said…
The wife (known as BMW in my blog) loves eggplant and we are always looking for different versions.
I love eggplant, too - this type is very different from the purple stuff.

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