A Sun-Dappled Door

It's mild but dark in Wisconsin today.

We are making chili, because for me that is part and parcel of mid-December. That is the time my grandmother always made her chili, and I would be the one called upon to make the chili run, trotting (or trudging) seven blocks away to her house. I liked these trips because they gave me time to imagine and dream. When I got to her house there was always a sweet treat offered and she usually included more than chili in the package she sent home with me.

The dark day may conjure up pleasant memories, but I prefer my days bright. Doesn't the sun-dappled door here look inviting? It's in Paris, near a park and a church or two (isn't everything?).

The first person to correctly name the park, will get a package of wild rice in time for Christmas (or New Year's at the very latest). The contest ends Friday, Dec. 15.

Wild rice was an important part of the diet of the early tribes who settled in my hometown. It's not really a rice, but a coarse annual grass, Zizania Acquatica. It grew in shallow marshes and along the shores and streams. I will be providing recipes made with wild rice later this week.


this is a lovely photo, and it does bring me back to paris. and now, i have a craving for chili ;)
Mimi said…
I find warm soup-y things really help in winter. I wondeer how much of it is psychological
Anonymous said…
I'm looking forward to seeing your wild rice recipes. We don't eat wild rice nearly enough and I love the stuff.

Wonderful memory about the chili travels. I bet every pot you make is full of cherished memories.

And that door does look inviting. :-)
Tanna said…
I love the doors in Paris. I have an album of them. Not this one.
Just had chili two nights ago.
Mimi said…
Erika, we always make sure we make chili on a December Sunday so it lasts well into the week — I seem to recall that is when Grandma made hers, too.

Tanna, I love doors and shot a few, but only a few, last time. Next time, that's my goal: Doors and Food.
Jann said…
A beautiful picture.......I so enjoy the pictures of doors, have a few myself.. wonder what it is that attracts us to the doors? Just the beauty....wish we had more doors like that here!
bcinfrance said…
Oh, I wish I could! I love your Wisconsin-Paris connection. Very original...
christine said…
I share your love of doors Mimi. I have many photos of doors in Paris, but not this one. Oh well. No wild rice for me! I look forward to your recipes. :)
Mimi said…
Jann, I wonder if we are intrigued with doors because of their mystery. What is on the other side?

BC, nice to see you! I will conjure up more contests, I hope.

Christine, I was thinking of doing a collage next trip - maybe I can find some door hardware somewhere like BHV - what do you think?

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