Easter Brunch Ideas

Apricot Bread for bread pudding

It doesn't feel much like April in Wisconsin today. But it sounds like it: The birds might be confused by the snow, but they have begun their spring songs, marking their turf and jockeying for nesting space.

I love spring. I'd to see some green grass instead of newly-fallen snow.

But I'm going to brunch on Easter Sunday and looking forward to a spring salad luncheon at my neighborhood church. These are seasonal culinary rituals I cherish.

Planning a brunch or luncheon yourself? Hear are some recipes to get you started:

Egg Dishes

Sweet Things for Breakfast


Vegetable-Based Dishes

I have always felt Easter and Passover were solemn occasions; saying Happy Easter somehow seems inappropriate. But this is the season of renewal, and I wish you peace and tranquility.


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