Bread of the Month: Swedish Rye

In her later years, Grandma Annie's best friend was a Swedish woman, the pampered wife of a haberdashery owner. The two women shared a first name: Anne, but my grandmother's friend was more often known as Nana. She was like another grandmother to me - I had many - and now that my mother's home has been sold, I am the owner of many of Nana's possessions, from a gate-leg table to a pair of Russian dancer statues, as she left these to my grandmother, who she preceded in death by about 19 years.

Nana's home was intriguing to me: Filled with lovely candy dishes and pastel hues. Her kitchen always smelled of freshly-perked coffee and from-the-oven baked goods. Swedish rye bread, tasting ever so slightly of citrus, was part of her repertoire.

My bread this month is Swedish rye, not unlike Nana's and also like the delectable loaves I often pick up on trips to Door County.

I ended up freezing last month's loaf for a future project (soon!) but I promise this loaf will be featured in a day or two.

This is February's loaf and this is what became of it.


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