Poisson d'Avril

Fish for sale at the Sunday bird market, Ile de la Citie, Paris, 2012.

April Fools! You thought maybe I'd post a recipe today.

No such luck. I took a temporary, part-time job at a law firm and while I am enjoying a break from retirement, I was unable to find much inspiration in the kitchen tonight. In my spare time, I've been focusing on making my kitchen more user-friendly, getting rid of some items and rearranging counter-top clutter.

But soon, very soon.

April Fools Day in France is known as Poisson d'Avril, or April Fish. There was a time when I was able to find foil-wrapped chocolate fish in gift shops beginning in mid-March, but there don't seem to be any to be had up here in the still-wintery northern hinterlands.

Be careful today and don't be a fool fish.


~~louise~~ said…
Congrats on the job, Mimi. Temporary part time jobs are always my favorite. You meet new people, do some work and still consider yourself semi-retired, lol...

I had read about the April Fish. I do believe I posted about it on April 1st many moons ago:)

Have fun organizing. I've been thinking about getting rid of so much of the stuff I no longer use too. I guess it's because it has been a very dusty Winter, lol...Thanks for sharing, Mimi...
M.D. Johns said…
Thank you for visiting, Louise.

I like the idea of temping once in a while, especially with flexible hours, which I have now. I can work around my dental appointments and committee work.
Mae Travels said…
The French April 1 customs always baffled me -- they also had a thing with sticking a paper sign on someone's back. But all those chocolate candy fish were appealing!
Anonymous said…
Mimi, You're the most active retiree I've ever known! Part time in a law office does sound appealing, though.
I've seen those chocolate fish in shops for years and never knew there was a story behind them. Now that I know the meaning of April Fish, I'm wondering if that is one of the reasons for the recent use of the term Catfish for people who have been 'fooled' on the internet. Hmmm...Interesting little post, Mimi! Sharon

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