Bread of the Month: Braided Apricot Bread

Braided apricot bread from Bay Bakers.

Just when I was complaining inwardly that I hadn't won anything lately, I learned that I'd won a year's worth of free bread - well, one loaf per month - from Bay Bakers, a vendor at my favorite farm market.

I couldn't wait to get it home to eat photograph it. In January, I chose cherry-walnut bread but ate it too fast to shoot it.

I knew this bread would be out of this world, because I'd bought a braid of apricot-almond bread for Christmas breakfast from the same vendor. I don't think it lasted ten minutes.

A loaf like this is a treat for me. It's really a good thing I only get one free one per month.

I'd love to try making this, and you might, too, so I found this recipe, which looks very similar.

I'm not very adept at making shaped breads, but this could find it's way into another recipe.

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Christine said…
Your photos are positively mouthwatering! Beautiful bread deserves a beautiful photo.
Mimi Johns said…
I like to shoot food, Christine.

Eat it, too.

I wonder what apricot-almond bread pudding would taste like?

Thanks for commenting!
That bread would not have survived a photo-shoot at my house. That looks delicious.

And, ha! now I'm craving apricot-almond bread pudding too.
Mimi Johns said…
Andrea! I was just thinking about you the other day and visited your blog. Miss you!

Thanks for visiting. Check back in a week or so to see if I made the bread. If you can wait...

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