Patricia Wells' Fricassee of Chicken with White Wine, Capers and Olives

Fricasee of Chicken, cooking in the skillet

This is one of the most popular recipes I've posted. It's worth a repeat, just in time for Sunday dinner. From 2007:

When I was a student at UW-Madison in the 1980s, everyone was talking about alumna Jane Brody, the New York Times writer who was making a name for herself writing cookbooks about healthy food.

I very much wanted to write about food, but was not sure how to start. I wrote my first “how-to” feature about baking bread, which at that time was one of the few things I knew how to do.

Somewhere along the line, I heard a professor say something like, “Yes, Jane’s doing very well but there’s another grad over in Paris who is doing some interesting things with French cooking.”

The professor was the legendary Wilmot Ragsdale and the graduate was Patricia Wells.

It took me a while to put two and two together — to connect the name Patricia Wells with the J-school alumna I'd heard about — but I have always followed her career and cheered her many successes.

And I’ve made my share of Patricia’s recipes. I have never known one to fail.

Sunday we had Patricia’s Fricassee of Chicken with White Wine, Capers and Olives. It's from The Provence Cookbook, published in 2004. I did not have a whole chicken, so I used two chicken breasts and halved the recipe, which calls for tomatoes, onions, green olives and capers.

Here is the recipe (scroll down the page).

It's easy: Season the chicken and brown, then remove from the pan and soften the onions. You then add everything else and simmer over low heat for an hour. I served this with penne pasta flavored with butter, truffle breakings and a dash of grated Gruyere.

"Ah, the tastes!" my husband exclaimed after the first bite. "And the chicken is so tender."

This recipe is a keeper.

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Penny said…
I have that Patricia Wells cookbook and cook from it often. I love seeing pictures of her beautiful home and kitchen in Provence. She is a true inspiration.
Mimi Johns said…
I agree! Love her kitchen in Provence. Lived near one of her favorite restaurants for two weeks and my fantasy was to see her there. LOL.
Christine said…
I've had that cookbook on my Amazon wish list for several years. And You've just led me to order it. Simple and delicious - what could be better?
Mimi Johns said…
I really like PW's recipes. Glad you ordered it, Christine!

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