Warm Meals for Cold Winters

Boeuf en daube a la Camargue, from the south of France

Pipes freeze. Cars don't start. Joints stiffen. Sidewalks are icy. Furnaces run overtime.

It's winter in Wisconsin. Will we see some relief in March?

Two years ago, temperatures reached the 70s on St. Patrick's Day. I worked in the yard and garden every night for a week. That scenario isn't likely to repeat itself this year.

So here in Wisconsin, we are still making soups and warm main dishes to counter winter's relentless hold. Soup, especially hearty and creamy soup, is always comforting.

Mediterranean Vegetable Soup with Lentils

Here are a few favorite soups from our kitchen:

These one-plate meals are also winter warmers:

I'll be eating a slap-dash chicken casserole tonight - leftovers - but there's tomorrow. And winter is not giving up this year: there will be many more warm meals to come.


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